If you like Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the classically oriented RIO crowd, Michael Nyman's non-serial work, and such, then this is for you, but the compositions accord themselves with an uncustomary weird grace even among that crowd. The peripatetics of Goulash Rag, for instance, are so mutated yet so familiar that I'm never sure whether to step back in awe or laugh out loud, wildly shifting images parading in the æther like cosmic gypsies settling in for dinner, drink, and a wild carouse. - Mark S Tucker, FAME Review. 2013

...the musicians swing hard with the strings entangled in fun counterpoint. This brings up the compositions which sound imaginative, fresh, and zany. I get the sense that the musicians thoroughly enjoyed their performance on this recording because I’m certainly enjoying my time listening to the CD. Fans of bluegrass swing, chamber strings, and uplifting guitar, will enjoy this high brow music that’s packed full of delight. - Moon Child, The Whole Music Experience Review. 2013

Jason Seed, composer and guitarist, whose work might quote Black Sabbath or Bill Frisell in the middle of a Piazzolla-inspired almost-tango (“Tangoesque”), who can win an Independent Music Award in the Jam Band category or write pieces for major U.S. symphonies to celebrate Eastern European composers. With a background in jazz (one of his mentors was trombonist and symphonic jazz composer David Baker), Seed has turned his hand to chamber music, bringing together players from top Midwestern orchestras intent on diving into something new—and wildly pleasurable. - CD InSIght. 2013.

While echoes of Django Reinhardt and Astor Piazzolla pervade the Jason Seed Stringtet’s new album In the Gallery, the Milwaukee guitarist’s compositions are even more eclectic than simply a blend of Romany jazz and nuevo tango. He’s put together a formidable string band...and the band has a lot of fun with it. Seed likes acidic close harmonies, especially with the high strings, making an uneasy counterbalance with his sinuously precise, catchy lead lines.- Lucid Culture. 2013